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F5 Vape Carts (Indica)

F5 Vape Carts (Indica)

1 Gram / Sativa
All Concentrates are over 80% THC and 5% Terpenes

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F5 Vape Carts (Indica)


1 gram cartridge

F-5 Vaporizers are the perfect solution for those looking for a convenient, discreet, and effective way to enjoy cannabis. More commonly known as ‘vape pens,’ vaporizers are a healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods and have been welcomed with increasing popularity. 

Patients are increasingly looking for a good bargain and an incredible 800 mg of THC packed into a 1-gram cartridge is setting the standard of quality and economy.


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9lb Hammer, Afghani, Cherry Pie, Mendo Breathe, Strawnana, Sunset Sherbert


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