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Jefa Vape Carts (Hybrid)

Jefa Vape Carts (Hybrid)

1 Gram / Sativa
All Concentrates are over 80% THC and 5% Terpenes

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Jefa Vape Carts (Hybrid)

All concentrates are over 60%+ (600+mg) THC and 3%+ Terps

Jefa™ live resin is extracted by freezing and processing live cannabis flower. It’s a unique process that preserves more of the terpene profile as well as the cannabinoids for a naturally robust extract. 

Distillate emphasizes high THC numbers whereas live resin focuses on maximizing the benefits through ALL of the tasty molecules found in cannabis. If you think of distillate as the weed version of Everclear, then live resin is sort of like a full-bodied pinot noir wine. 

Some customers select strains like a teenager shops for liquor — based on the highest alcohol by volume or in this case, the highest THC percentage. However, delivering a high THC punch does not necessarily make it the best product for all situations.

Live resin takes the most advantage of the entourage effect by combining a symphony of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes for an intentional elevation. The more sophisticated know the entourage effect will give you a more fulfilling high.


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