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Oklahoma Tonic: Mango

Oklahoma Tonic: Mango

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Oklahoma Tonic: Mango

Tonic water elicits images of sparkling drinks and stirred concoctions, but it has a history that reaches beyond the bar and herbal cauldrons. Its roots go back centuries, starting with the Andes and the cinchona tree, and it had its start as a natural medicine instead of as a tasty mixer. Tonic was once used to treat Malaria and is still used by some for various ailments from generational recipes. From the Quechua people and Spanish colonists, to French chemists and British officers, the journey from botanical discovery to cocktail staple is a fascinating story.

Ingredients: Agave, Honey, Flavoring, Cannabis Concentrate Oil, Sweetener.
Suggested Use: Drink straight or add to any non-carbonated beverage.
THC 1000MG

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